Male infertility is defined as inability of the male to induce pregnancy, and accounts for 50% of infertility cases. Recently, research communities have implemented numerous task forces to investigate aetiologies and more importantly offer guidelines for the management of male infertility. With a rising incidence affecting the developed and developing countries altogether, the need for proper identification of various hazards and risk factors for male factor infertility remains crucial. Male infertility is a complex disorder with multi-factorial aetiologies and may come forth with different presentations. Despite all this, our present enlightenment is honourably progressing, and our current knowledge surmounts the mediocrity and darkness overwhelming this condition in the past. The taboos and social complexities revolving against discussing male reproduction was a major obstacle for data collection, unfortunately contributing to the deterioration in research capacity and ultimately lack of proper and comprehensive understanding of male infertility in the past century.
The infertile couples go through a tough journey starting from the distressful situation discovering their sterility, to the frequent medical visits seeking one clinic after the other, and finally to the expensive medical tests and therapies craving for proper counselling and most importantly hope. It is believed that with appropriate comprehension and careful guidance, great results could be achieved. Infertile couples abide to pursuing information either through online web search, community journals or media related queries, seeking guidance and hunting for a chance, however this may unexpectedly lead them to the imprecise science, faulty information, inaccurate data and most seriously improper counselling and recommendation of using unsafe remedies. Here lies the importance of patient education, reading through the pages of this book will help patients expand their knowledge, establish better communication with their health care provider, become more actively involved in the decision making process, and ultimately empowering optimism during this agonizing journey. This book is designed for infertile male patients as it draws light over this seemingly complicated and sensitive disorder, affecting the male in the core of his essence; his fertility Smoking: Smoking is accused in wide range of medical disorders, and is a common preventable cause of many diseases. Recent trials have studied the causal connection between smoking and male fertility suppression and discovered that many deleterious particles are transferred through tobacco fumes into the testis and ultimately damage sperms; resulting in suppression of various sperm parameters and fertility potential.
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