Retrograde ejaculation (i.e. passage of semen into the urinary bladder instead of being ejected to the exterior)is diagnosed after the patient is advised to perform a urine sample after ejaculating (also referred to as post-ejaculatory urine analysis) to confirm the presence of sperms in the urine. Whenever no structural anomalies coexist (e.g. after prostate operations) several medical treatments can be used to restore ejaculation, ultimately the scheduled use of those medications at days of partner’s ovulation will enable the male to ejaculate normally in to the vagina at times of highest fertility potential. Rapid ejaculation could be easily managed nowadays with a specifically designed on-demand medications that delay ejaculation for significant amount of time. Anejaculation is considered when a patient fail to ejaculate either due to behavioural attributes or secondary to medical conditions, like nerve damage due to diabetes or neurodegenerative diseases. The use of an intense penile-vibrators can assist the patient attain significant stimulation and hence climax and ejaculation.
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